Conspiracy IconIs this really the best conspiracy website on the Internet? And is my book Conspiracy Science really the best book on the subject?

There’s a lot of logic and common sense packed into the image below. But there’s a lot more to conspiracy analysis than that. Then again, most so-called experts on conspiracy don’t do much to educate people at all. My projects are lavishly illustrated, which is just one of the features that make them shine.

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A good conspiratologist works hard to detect and interpret the patterns propagandists deride.

Amazingly, almost unbelievably, I don’t think there’s much competition. Not only are they the best, off the top of my head, I can’t think of any websites or books that even deserve to be classified second best. And Google appears to agree with me.

Actually, there is one other website that equals this site in stature. You see, Conspiracy1 and Conspiratology Pro are clones. Do you smell a conspiracy?

In fact, there is a conspiracy to hack my websites, a conspiracy that began over two decades ago. And so I’ve beefed up my security and even begun cloning some of my domains for good measure.

We know from experience that while there have been many conspiracies, few of them have been successful.
The Jewish fruit cake Sir Karl Popper

Another website that deserves a little respect is ConspiraTalk. I coined the term conspiratalk as a synonym for “conspiracy theory,” in the broad sense of the term. That site serves as my conspiracy blog, and I may eventually turn it into a public conspiracy forum. And it will probably be the best online conspiracy forum to boot.

Conspiracy is the handmaiden of corruption.
David W. Blomstrom

In fact, I have over fifty websites and am working on several books, and conspiracy is a major part of most of them. After all, conspiracy is a big part of life; I like to think of it as the handmaiden of corruption.

But don’t take my word for it. Explore my websites and books. Do some fact-checking. Analyze my logic, and draw your own conclusion.

If you think I’m more believable than Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and the corporate/Jewish media, then check back now and then for updates. And remember—never let anyone lecture you about conspiracy if they can’t even correctly define the term.

Leaping lizard people! This may be the most sensational conspiracy video ever. Notice how the narrator focuses on simple facts that are easy to verify. But why does he have nothing to say about the Jews who were behind 9/11?

Conspiracy Science
Is the world ready for the first truthful conspiracy mini-encyclopedia?
What Is Conspiracy?
I copied half a dozen chapters from Conspiracy Science to create What Is Conspiracy?, which is a good introduction to conspiracy analysis. It is now available via Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble and will probably be available through Apple Books soon.
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